You can get money for your van, whether it’s got miles left in it, if it doesn’t start or it’s too damaged to drive. You can responsibly recycle your vehicle in Hailsham with Ripleys. If you’re looking to scrap your van in Hailsham, get an instant quote from Ripleys today!

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    Ripley's is one of the UK’s leading car and van breakers, scrap metal processers and exporters. A highly respected fourth-generation family business, we now have five UK sites located in the South East.

    Ripley's purchase vans of all makes, models and ages for van parts and van salvage. Whether your van is at the end of its life (ELV), or too good for scrap, our friendly team will buy your van for breaking and salvage at competitive prices. We offer delivery and collection options across the South East, and operate in full accordance with environmental regulations.


    We can give you a free quote for any van in any condition. We accept:

    • A van that has failed its MOT
    • A van with high mileage
    • A damaged van
    • A non-starting van


    Our stress-free, reliable scrapping service in Hailsham includes no additional costs or hidden fees. No matter what condition your car is in, whether it's road worthy or not, if you want to scrap your van in Hailsham, be assured Ripleys can come to you. We strive to:

    • Offer you the best price
    • Pay you promptly for your vehicle
    • Sort all of the DVLA paperwork for you if needed, including the issuing of a certificate of destruction

    If your van is ready for recycling, we'll make sure that's done efficiently, without harm to the environment, and in line with regulations. We also offer you the opportunity to donate to charity. 


    Donating your old van could help save someone’s life. We are very proud to supply cars and vans to East Sussex Fire & Rescue.  The vans we provide are used for various essential training exercises, which are enactments of dangerous situations. This helps provide East Sussex Fire & Rescue with the relevant experience to be able to act quickly and efficiently in a real-life situation.


    We offer both delivery and collection van scrapping services:


    • Vehicles can be delivered into our Hailsham, Hastings, and Ashford sites. For addresses and contact details, click here.


    • Contact our team on: 01424 839963 or fill in the form above.
    • Once collection has been arranged, our friendly drivers will bring a suitable vehicle at a convenient time for you.


    • Park your vehicle in an easily accessible space if being collected by us so we can collect your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
    • Have your keys, paperwork and driving license photo ready for the day. Most importantly remember your V5.
    • Either fill out Section 9 of your V5 - "Selling Your Vehicle to a Motor Trader, Insurer or Dismantler" - and send it off to the DVLA OR we can do this for you as a part of the service for no additional fees. 
    • Clear out your vehicle whether it's under the seats or the side of the door make sure you don't leave any valuables inside when we scrap it. We don't want your car to be waxed and polished before handing it over to us, but we don't accept household waste still inside the vehicle.


    Due to changes in legislation back in 2013, the law doesn’t allow any scrap metal company to pay you directly in cash for your scrap van in Hailsham. However, we can provide immediate payment in the following forms once we have received your scrap van or van parts and the correct documents have been provided:

    • Transfer to a Visa Debit Card
    • Cheque
    • Bank Transfer


    As registered by the ATF (Authorised Treatment Facilities) once your van arrives on one of our located sites, by law we have to strip the car of any products or chemicals, along with any parts of the vehicle we see as suitable for recycling.

    Our first step we take to scrapping your van is removing the wheels, both are separated with the tyres being recycled or upcycled to become anything from astroturf to underlay. Whilst the wheels themselves can be recycled, sold or melted into ingots to be reused to a multitude of new things.

    The next step we take is to remove other parts of your van to either be sold, recycled or upcycled; this includes the lights and the wingmirrors. The most important step we take to scrapping your van is the de-pollution process which includes removing all the fluids from within your car. This can include fuel, coolant, engine oil and steering fluid and are all removed and stored into vats to be recycled or sold on.

    Once de-pollution is complete, your van will be taken to the forklift to flip the van over and remove the back axle due to it being a different and higher grade of steel and the engine itself which contains a variety of metals such as copper and aluminium. The van will then get crushed to reduce the space it takes up and has the remaining metal crushed together.

  • Feeling good? How about donating the scrap value of your car to charity and we will make an additional £15.00 donation. Find out more.

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