• Feeling good? How about donating the scrap value of your car to charity?

    We are proud to announce that we have partnered with and are supporting local charity, Children with Cancer fund, to raise both awareness and funds.

    Run by dedicated employees & volunteers, Children with Cancer Fund supports the families and lives of those with cancer to have the quality of life that we would want for our children.

    This means we have the chance to give a child a treat, or support the purchase of something they have missed out as their parents have spent funds travelling or helping to fight the illness.

    Donate your car and we’ll add £15!

    Scrap your car with us, donate the scrap value to the Children with Cancer Fund - www.childrenwithcancerfund.org.uk - and we will donate an additional £15.

    Please use our registration look-up service and select 'Yes' in the Charitable Donation check box or call us on 01323 440672 to start this process.